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You Can’t Beat a Beta

After my first book came out, I had dinner with my friends Chantale and Nicholas. They had just read the novel and loved it, but, Nicholas said, I don’t understand why you had people in Victorian England drinking coffee. Wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Let’s Quiz!

So, you think you’d like to be a writer. You’ve read at least one book. You have a pencil and can find some paper. Anyway, it’s your destiny. Or is it? Here’s a very silly quiz I came up with … Continue reading

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“Yes,” he smiled.

Every writer has  something that sets their teeth on edge. The misplaced apostrophe, the homonym error, the dangling modifier… For me the thing most likely to make me squirm is badly used identification tags. Eek! I hate that! When I … Continue reading

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How to Fail Better

  Have you ever met a golden person? You recognise him at once because you can’t help but notice. There’s something in their pheromones, perhaps, that draws you in. They’re not always nice people; some are, but that’s irrelevant. They … Continue reading

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Zen and the Art of Writing

 The only Zen you find on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there.” ~Robert M. Pirsig One night during a period of creative malaise, I dreamed the late, much-missed George Harrison came and sat on my … Continue reading

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