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Fans With an F

So, last week the final episode of Sherlock’s S4 ended and, oh my, what a hullabaloo! The way some fans reacted, you’d think their teddy bears had been burned, their dogs left to starve, and their father’s beards cut off. … Continue reading

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Does the Reader Know Best?

Who Killed the Author? Roland Barthes, that wag who proclaimed the death of the Author, once said, “Culture is tyrannically centred on the Author.” In case you were wondering, old Rolly didn’t see this as a good thing. Well, the … Continue reading

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Sherlockian Goodies on the Way

Today I wanted to share some information about some Sherlockian goodies you can expect this year. They might keep you going during the wait for series 4 of Sherlock. BEYOND WATSON Beyond Watson is a compilation of tales about the great … Continue reading

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Sherlock – The Abominable Bride Review

  NOTE: the following review contains spoilers. If those fiends at Hartswood who produce Sherlock are good at one thing it’s polarising their fans. Part of the problem, I think, is everyone has their own version of what the show … Continue reading

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Kakorrhaphiophobia. It’s a great word, isn’t it? No, it’s not the title of a song by Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich. It’s a condition that we all suffer to some degree. If you write, you probably live with it every … Continue reading

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  What is it that looks like magic, makes people think you’re a proper genius, and elevates your fiction from the humdrum? No, it’s not signing with JK Rowling’s agent — thought that probably wouldn’t hurt — it’s foreshadowing. More … Continue reading

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“A Biased Judgement” Press Release

County Meath Author Brings Sherlock Holmes Diary To Life An Irish up and coming writer Geri Schear has created a brand new Sherlock Holmes book based on a format of the investigators diary entries. (PRWEB UK) 24 October 2014 All … Continue reading

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