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Writing with a Broken Brain

I don’t want to go into the gory details, but I’ve been having some neurological problems over the past eighteen months or so. It’s made writing difficult, and reading almost impossible. Where I once consumed a book or three a … Continue reading

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Remember the Reader

Lately I’ve been editing, not only my own work in progress, but the stories and poems produced by the members of my writers’ group. One thing has struck me about both projects: the importance of remembering the reader. With the … Continue reading

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The Unfaithful Writer

Artists are unfaithful creatures. As soon as they finish writing “the greatest story I ever penned,” they’re off pledging undying love for something new. Most are serial monogamists. They will at least wait until one passion is spent before finding … Continue reading

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Rocks on my Head

The View from the Summit… I have a friend who enjoys mountain climbing. I don’t know why. Me, I get dizzy climbing on a chair to get the big pot from the top shelf in my kitchen. I’d rather watch … Continue reading

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The Teacup Paradigm

Alfred J. Prufrock measured out his life in coffee spoons. I measure my day’s work by cups of tea. Continue reading

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The Worst Thing I Ever Heard

Last month Terry Pratchett died. I mentioned it to a group of fellow writers. All but one of them said, “Who?” Reading, it transpires, is something most of them don’t do. Not read? To quote The Princess Bride that’s just … Continue reading

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Got Books?

Breaking news: I love books. OK, that’s not such a surprise. But here’s something you didn’t know: at last count I had about 100 volumes about writers and writing. Maybe 200… Obviously, they are not all favourites. Frankly, a fair … Continue reading

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