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The Unfaithful Writer

Artists are unfaithful creatures. As soon as they finish writing “the greatest story I ever penned,” they’re off pledging undying love for something new. Most are serial monogamists. They will at least wait until one passion is spent before finding … Continue reading

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Rocks on my Head

The View from the Summit… I have a friend who enjoys mountain climbing. I don’t know why. Me, I get dizzy climbing on a chair to get the big pot from the top shelf in my kitchen. I’d rather watch … Continue reading

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The Teacup Paradigm

Alfred J. Prufrock measured out his life in coffee spoons. I measure my day’s work by cups of tea. Continue reading

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The Worst Thing I Ever Heard

Last month Terry Pratchett died. I mentioned it to a group of fellow writers. All but one of them said, “Who?” Reading, it transpires, is something most of them don’t do. Not read? To quote The Princess Bride that’s just … Continue reading

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Got Books?

Breaking news: I love books. OK, that’s not such a surprise. But here’s something you didn’t know: at last count I had about 100 volumes about writers and writing. Maybe 200… Obviously, they are not all favourites. Frankly, a fair … Continue reading

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