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Getting to Know Steve Emecz

Steve Emecz, publisher, humanitarian and all-round nice guy IS MX Publishing. With all he accomplishes, I suspect he has some sort of device that allows him to add extra hours or even days into the space-time continuum. Each of his … Continue reading

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Largest Collection of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Released in October

I’m hugely proud to be part of this project. My short story, Harbinger of Death, appears in the third volume of this huge collection, the largest of its kind ever compiled. All proceeds go to Undershaw, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s … Continue reading

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Thank You

This has been quite a year. I’ve met a lot of long-standing goals and achieved things I didn’t ever expect. Seeing my debut novel published was huge. Having my first book reading; news articles, and all the other things that … Continue reading

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