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Sherlock and the Sorcerer

When I was in the middle of writing my first novel, A Biased Judgement, I already had an idea for the next couple of books in the series. The third, I decided, would see Holmes face off against a deadly, … Continue reading

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Happy 162nd Birthday, Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is 162 years old today. He’s looking good for a man of his years. Last year, in honour of the day, I posted a puzzle. It was very popular and I thought it might be fun to bring … Continue reading

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Managing Expectations: Cumberbatch’s Hamlet, O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show

This above all, to thine own self be true. Last week I saw two spectacular stage shows. Both of them came with baggage. Both of them met outrageous expectations with unabashed glee. I’ve seen a lot of Hamlets over the … Continue reading

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Words, Words, Words

Hamlet:    Words, words, words Polonius:  What is the matter, my lord? Hamlet:     Between who? Polonius:  I mean, the matters that you read, my lord… HAMLET Act II, Sc ii I’m off to see Hamlet next week, so … Continue reading

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How to Tell a Writer from a Plumber

Recently, an unusual topic trended on twitter. It was 10 Things Not to Say to a Writer and offered a wide selection of the daft things people say to writers all the time. Such as: Are you a real writer? … Continue reading

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Five ways spreadsheets can support your writing

Yes, I’m a nerd, what’s it to you? I love Star Trek, and Sudoku, and Stephen Hawking documentaries (admittedly, the latter may have something to do with Benedict Cumberbatch’s narration.) I also love spreadsheets. If you’re a writer, even a very … Continue reading

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The Benedict Cumberbatch Character Game Solution

Last week in honour of Sherlock Holmes’s birthday and the New Year, I posted a puzzle.The idea was you should read the story and find the names of characters Benedict Cumberbatch has played on TV or in film. Here’s the … Continue reading

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