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Rich and Famous? Not so Much

You made it!

The first miracle is you finished your book. Go, you! The second is a publisher made you an offer: Your book is being published. Wow!

Now, once your adrenaline settles back down, you’re over your hangover, and you’ve stopped singing (if that’s the verb) Queen’s We are the Champions in your underwear, you need to take a deep breath and prepare yourself. These are no kiddies’ wading pools, my friend. These are deep, mysterious waters. Some of them have sharks… Continue reading

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Things Writers can Learn from Television

I’ve been going through a real 1970’s phase lately. Odd, because I wasn’t a big fan the first time around. Now, though, with that warm, fuzzy haze of hindsight I feel a fondness for the daft clothes, the afro haircuts, … Continue reading

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