A Biased Judgement

A Biased Judgement: The Sherlock Holmes Diaries 1897

ddd4f627-e4c5-4e41-8ad2-41424544b6581.jpgSherlock Holmes thrives on danger. Sudden knife attacks, being stalked, and facing a network of assassins present little more than a cheery break in the monotony. But the enigmatic Lady Beatrice presents danger of a different kind. Is she a murderer or a potential victim? Or something even more perilous? Uncovering her secrets could change Holmes’s life forever, and in ways even he cannot anticipate. Conan Doyle Seal

The newly-discovered Holmes diaries shed light on a tale so potent, Watson was never permitted to reveal it.

A BIased Judgement was honoured with the seal of the Conan Doyle Estate.


A Marvelous Outing
For a first-time entrant in the realm of Holmes/Watson pastiches, this is a magnificent outing. The author has captured precisely the flavor of the original Conan Doyle stories and created a novel that contains all of the elements that make for a barn burner. One unique aspect of the tale is the point of view comes from Holmes not Watson. Although this approach is by no means unheard of, it is still off the beaten track and takes a little getting used to. The story is given from entries in Sherlock Holmes’s diary so it lacks the polish of a regular novel. Getting used to information being presented in this manner takes little time and the information is presented so well that shortly into the reading the reader will have no difficulties following the plot’s many twists and turns.

One of many things done well in the story is keeping the reader reminded that evil, criminality and the acts associated with them are by no means limited to the lower classes living in squalor and despair. Horrible deeds occur in the top echelons of society and pedigrees, ranks or noble heritages have no bearings upon whether horrible crimes will or will not be committed. Additionally, the author, in addition to the usual surrounding cast e.g., Lestrade, Gregson, The Irregulars, Mrs Hudson and others, introduce the reader to new characters participating as either the good guys, the bad guys and those who rattle somewhere between.

The reader is cautioned to save this book for a weekend preferably with nothing on the schedule, a cold night and a roaring fire. It takes no time to get engrossed and this certainly is not the type of book you can pick up at odd intervals but is one that will keep you up late at night. Although this is the author’s first foray into the Holmes/Watson realm she has created a total winner and I anxiously await her next offerings. Ms Shear, note the plural. 5-Stars Drstatz

 My Biased Judgement: You Will Love This Book!
If there was an award for best new Sherlock Holmes character, I would give it to Lady Beatrice, the heroine of Geri Schear’s delightful new pastiche A Biased Judgement. This is a fun, exciting Sherlock Holmes novel grounded in the historical events of 1897 – 1898. The story begins with a bang: Sherlock Holmes is attacked on the streets, a global conspiracy against the leaders and monarchs of the world is brewing, and a mysterious boy only known as Jack has disappeared. Who is this mysterious boy? What does he have to do with the events of the time period? What about the murdered body of a painter/ art forger?
These questions and many more are answered over the course of a multi-year story. There are multiple murders as well as multiple mysteries and they all interconnect, which makes reviewing this book a bit difficult in that I am trying to make sure I give nothing away. I will say that the fan base of this book should be beyond that of Sherlock Holmes. Those who enjoy a good Agatha Christie cozy style mystery, a spy thriller in the vein of Lacare, or even Victorian era historical fiction will love this book.
Then there is the lovely Lady Beatrice who is an instantly likable and respectable character who is on a par with Irene Adler for great Holmes women. Beatrice causes Holmes one of his most difficult problems, and he really has to eliminate the impossible to finally solve it.
This is an excellent debut novel, epic in scope yet focusing on the humanity behind the history. Ms. Schear lets you know that behind each body discovered is a sense of true loss felt by loved ones. The connections to the actual Holmes stories from the canon that occur during the covered time frame is clever and believable.
I’ll end by being blunt: Buy this book. You won’t regret it. 5-Stars HPDoyle

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In 2016, an Italian translation of the novel was released by renowned publisher Mondadori


“22 febbraio 1897. Finalmente eccomi a casa, in Baker Street…” A esordire così non è il Sherlock Holmes - L'enigma di lady Beatrice (Il Giallo Mondadori Sherlock)dottor Watson in uno dei suoi famosi resoconti, ma Sherlock Holmes in persona dalle pagine dei diari autografi, scoperti dopo lungo tempo. Un tesoro inestimabile, con i casi originali raccontati dalla viva voce del protagonista assoluto. È proprio dall’incipit di uno dei quaderni ritrovati che prende le mosse una vicenda straordinaria sotto ogni aspetto. Il re degli investigatori è convalescente, vittima di un tentato omicidio: ferito da un misterioso aggressore, si è salvato grazie all’intervento di un ragazzo, poi svanito nel nulla. Qualcuno vuole impedirgli di ficcare il naso in oscure faccende? Tra una serie di attentati a monarchi e uomini politici, l’assassinio di una domestica e la banda criminale del professor Moriarty ricostituitasi sotto un nuovo capo, c’è solo l’imbarazzo della scelta. Senza contare la dirompente irruzione della fascinosa lady Beatrice nella sua vita. Giorno dopo giorno, Holmes annota ogni riflessione con la fredda razionalità che per lui sta al di sopra di tutto il resto. Ignaro tuttavia dell’incombere di un evento che nessuno, men che meno il diretto interessato, avrebbe mai potuto immaginare. Mondadori

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