Books to Trees

Books To Trees

A wonderful new project from MX Books:

Books To Trees

We’re delighted to launch our ‘Books To Trees’ campaign for 2020. One of MX Publishing’s key causes is The Happy Life Children’s Home in Nairobi, Kenya and MX founders Sharon and Steve Emecz have spent every Christmas there since 2013. 

The project has saved the lives of over six hundred abandoned babies since it began in the year 2002 and the project has expanded to two more locations at Juja Farm in the countryside. At Juja Farm they have built a very successful school and it’s in the surrounding land that we are launching the #bookstotrees project.

During 2020, MX Publishing with Happy Life will plant a tree for every book sold on – the world’s largest Sherlock Holmes books collection. MX has a long history in pioneering environmentally friendly publishing becoming the world’s first 100% Print on Demand (POD) publisher back in 2001 when POD was in its infancy. Today, MX still prints all their books POD, only now the range includes paperbacks, hardcovers, colour paperbacks and even colour hardcover books (like The Art of Sherlock Holmes series).

Sharon and Steve are also personal sponsors for Leah (pictured above with her own tree planted last year).

Bishop Peter Ndungu who with his wife Faith lead Happy Life in Kenya comments;

“It is exciting to see this project take shape. We can make this a long term project and will bring great memories in the future. We intend to have all the children that that come through Happylife plant and nurture trees, either named after them or other special names. This helps teach the Children responsibility for the environment. Some of the trees will also be used to mark our major breakthroughs and landmarks as we continue to grow and expand. This will remind us of where we’ve come from and of our accomplishments. We do use a lot of firewood and therefore in the future these trees can be used to harvest firewood and also for construction and in making furniture”.For Happy Life we’ll be using the campaign slogan ‘Trees for a Happy Life’  #treesforahappylife. 

You can read more about the project in the book ‘The Happy Life Story’ which is now in its second edition. There is also a wonderful audiobook version narrated by Steve White. The cover features a picture of Leah from seven years ago when Sharon and Steve become involved with Happy Life.

About Geri Schear

Geri Schear is an award-winning novelist, author of three Sherlock Holmes and Lady Beatrice books published by MX Publishing. Her short stories have appeared in a number of journals. For further information, see her page at Amazon:
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