The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories – Volumes 9 & 10

You know, if there’s one thing better than being asked to write a Sherlock Holmes story for a new collection, it’s seeing that story nestled amid an array of tales by some of the best in world.

The latest in the MX New Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories Vol. 9 and 10, the 2018 Annual contains over 100 of the world’s leading Sherlock Holmes authors participating and I am truly honoured to be in the mix.

The anthology includes only traditional stories set in the original Sherlock Holmes period. That is, you’ll find no Holmes-the-secret-serial-killer here. Holmes won’t be the captain of a Starship with his trusty ‘Bones’, uh, Watson, at his side. Holmes and Watson remain Victorian gentlemen and live in 221B Baker Street and all’s right with the world. These stories were written by authors who have sold millions of books, and they come together for a common cause – Undershaw.

As with previous collections in the MX series, all the authors are donating their royalties to projects at Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s former home, Undershaw. The building was in terrible disrepair and was saved from destruction by the Undershaw Preservation Trust (under the patronage of Sherlock‘s Mark Gatiss). Today the building is the new home of Stepping Stones (a school for children with learning difficulties) and has being lovingly restored to its former glory. Royalties will go to Stepping Stones for specific projects such as the new literary program.

Stepping Stones at Undershaw Stepping Stones at Undershaw

“We’re really proud of the MX Collection of Sherlock Holmes stories and excited about the Kickstarter campaign. The collection has brought so much attention to our school and the young people. We now have lots of great writers and artists working with kids really inspiring them to take on the challenges the world has for them”  

Melissa Farnham, Headteacher, Stepping Stones 

Here’s who you can find in this new 2-volume collection:

Volume IX: 2018 Annual (1879-1895) features contributions by: Deanna Baran, Roger Riccard, David Marcum, Tracy Revels, S.F. Bennett, Nick Cardillo, Robert Stapleton, Kevin Thornton, Leslie Charteris and Denis Green, Shane Simmons, James Moffett, C.H. Dye, Stephan Gaspar, Marcia Wilson, Sonia Fetherston, Geri Schear, David Friend, Mark Mower, and a poem by Amy Thomas.

Volume X: 2018 Annual (1896-1916) features contributions by: Mike Hogan, Kelvin Jones, Jim French, Arthur Hall, Steve Ehrman, Greg Hatcher, Jayantika Ganguly, Paul Freeman, Dick Gillman, Maurice Barkley, Daniel D. Victor, Martin Rosenstock, Peter Coe Verbica, Hugh Ashton, Will Murray, Robert Perret, Thaddeus Tuffentsamer, G.L. Schulze, Tim Symonds, and a poem by Derrick Belanger . . .

More information here on the Kickstarter site.

"The MX New Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories” collection has over 100 of the world's leading Sherlock Holmes authors participating.


About Geri Schear

Geri Schear is an award-winning novelist, author of three Sherlock Holmes and Lady Beatrice books published by MX Publishing. Her short stories have appeared in a number of journals. For further information, see her page at Amazon:
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