Sherlock Holmes and the Other Woman

Sherlock Holmes and the Other Woman 1

Poltergeists, Egyptian myths, and a series of murders make 1898 a year Sherlock Holmes will never forget. From Camden Town to the diamond district, no part of London is safe. It will take all his skills if Holmes is to keep himself, Doctor Watson, and their friends free from harm. He doesn’t need any distractions.

What a time for Lady Beatrice to be trapped in a volatile Paris.

Set in 1898,  Sherlock Holmes and the Other Woman is the second in the Holmes and Lady Beatrice series.

Reviews Sherlock Holmes and the Other Woman

Amazon UK:

5-Stars: It did not disappoint at all!

By Ben Cardall on 14 Nov. 2015

Format: Paperback

This is my first time reading Geri Schear’s work and it came highly recommended, it did not disappoint at all! Twists and turns like you wouldn’t believe, truly captivated me! I lost most of my day in this book, point blank refused to put it down. Purposefully trying to remain spoiler free but ghosts, myths and murder wrapped in Holmes’ opinion of women is an absolute joy to read. Made me want to seek out the rest of her work 🙂

5-Stars: An Excellent Follow Up

By Jane Ward on 11 Nov. 2015

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

This is Geri Schear’s follow up to A Biased Judgment – and an excellent follow up it is. She has captured the tone of Arthur Conan Doyle’s style and brought Victorian London to life. The plot is intriguing; it twists and turns leading to a very clever and satisfying ending. I think you’ll get most out of The Other Woman if you’ve read A Biased Judgment first, but even if not I recommend it for an enthralling read.

5-Stars: Another brilliant book from the pen of Geri Shear

By C. ROSSE on 10 Dec. 2015

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

If you like Sherlock Holmes you will love this . Geri has created a great story . With a very findish plot . Never guest until the last moment the guilty party , really brilliant and so well written cannot wait for the next one

Amazon US:

4-Stars: This has the potential to be a great series. Loved the first book

By Texas Reader on August 17, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This has the potential to be a great series. Loved the first book, great story premise, good historical details, riveting mystery BUT it was the relationship that surprised both main characters that made it distinctive. This book, although again was excellent story line, lacked some of the heat I would liked to have seen.

5-Stars: Brilliant, engrossing tale

By M. A. Burk on December 11, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Ms. Schear has done it again–her first book was exceptional; this one is even better.

She captures the feel of the age extremely well. She does an even better job of creating compelling characters. Her portrayal of a Sherlock in love is sympathetic and gently amusing–here is a man bewildered by the fact that he actually loves his wife (although he cannot bring himself to use the word “love.”)

The plot itself is compelling, with red herrings, and apparent red herrings that are actually vital to the solution.

There are some glitches with wording, but nothing that I, a stern grammarian, found too off-putting.

All I can say is “More, please!” I eagerly await her next book.

Sherlock Holmes is published by MX Publishing and is available in paperback and on Kindle from

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Book Depository

And from good bookshops.

For other titles available from MX, see here:


About Geri Schear

Geri Schear is an award-winning novelist, author of three Sherlock Holmes and Lady Beatrice books published by MX Publishing. Her short stories have appeared in a number of journals. For further information, see her page at Amazon:
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