5 Stars: It did not disappoint at all!
By Ben Cardall on 14 Nov. 2015
This is my first time reading Geri Schear’s work and it came highly recommended, it did not disappoint at all! Twists and turns like you wouldn’t believe, truly captivated me! I lost most of my day in this book, point blank refused to put it down. Purposefully trying to remain spoiler free but ghosts, myths and murder wrapped in Holmes’ opinion of women is an absolute joy to read. Made me want to seek out the rest of her work 🙂

By Jane Ward on 11 Nov. 2015

This is Geri Schear’s follow up to A Biased Judgment – and an excellent follow up it is. She has captured the tone of Arthur Conan Doyle’s style and brought Victorian London to life. The plot is intriguing; it twists and turns leading to a very clever and satisfying ending. I think you’ll get most out of The Other Woman if you’ve read A Biased Judgment first, but even if not I recommend it for an enthralling read.

A Biased Judgement: The Sherlock Holmes Diaries 1897  

Reviews from Amazon US:

Outstanding! May 19, 2015
This is the most “authentic-feeling” work I have read. Doyle himself would be pleased with this. Every detail reeks of authenticity. It was difficult to put this down, and I’m sorry I’m finished!
Francis Maguire “Fdmaguire” reviewed A Biased Judgement: The Sherlock Holmes Diaries 1897
Holmes meets his Match. April 27, 2015
I have read all of the stories about Sherlock Holmes written by Conan Doyle and now this one by Geri Schear. I enjoyed this although I was a little thrown by Holmes telling the story in the !st person. I kept thinking it was Dr. Watson speaking. But I got over that and the story was fine full of the usual scoundrels trying to take down England and the Empire. The atmosphere was good. Foggy nights and the sound of cab horses making their way through the London streets. Sound stuff. I could read more.
Alan Filipski
This is a superb pastiche, one of the best I’ve read. It is intelligently written and respectful of the established characters and conventions. There are three aspects, all interwoven, to the story: 1) The murder of a servant girl 2) A high-level international assassination conspiracy and 3) Holmes’s relationship with a new Woman, Lady Beatrice, who is similar in some ways to Irene Adler. Holmes and Beatrice work together to solve the murder and smash the conspiracy and he is most impressed by her brilliance and courage. Without giving too much away, I’ll just say that his relationship with her takes a surprising turn. It is all handled convincingly and logically, and at no time does is Holmes made to slip out of character– a delicate balance to maintain. I hope the author has more Holmes stories in her, as I’d eagerly read them.
 February 21, 2015

Loved the new twist on Holmes stories. I want to hear more about their lives together.
Zora N. “mystery junkie”
A Treasure 
So unexpected was this treasure. My praise for the author who made Sherlock live again and I won’t give away the secret. For Sherlock readers, this wonderful, stimulating offer should not be passed up. Cherrio
S.D.G. “maker”
Good Tale Well Told
If you are prepared to allow Sherlock to be a flesh and blood man, then this story is believable and interesting. While some may be able to predict the broad strokes of the story, the twists and nuisances make it engaging nd entertaining.

 CRJ Smith murder and intrigue are provided by a wonderful array of new characters  Holmes and Watson return with a case that will have them, and you, guessing until the very end.

Along the way, murder and intrigue are provided by a wonderful array of new characters. The mysterious Lady Beatrice, who proves to be more than a match for the great detective,is a wonderful addition to the Holmes universe. Told from the perspective of Holmes’ personal diaries, the book also gives more recognition to Watson’s talents than the humble doctor would ever allow in his own narrations. Written with an obvious love for, and knowledge of, the source material, ‘A Biased Judgment’ can stand proudly alongside any of Arthur Conan Doyle’s originals and I truly hope that it is the first of many new adventures. The game is afoot!
booklover “booklover”
good read 
nearly finished with the book. Very well done by Geri Schear. Am really enjoying it
A very interesting book…. 
This is a difficult book to to review, because it may not appeal to an ACD purist, but it is very appealing to the reader. I received this book as a Christmas gift, and I started it late last night after a hectic day and have finished this afternoon, the next day. Obviously, it grabbed me from the beginning and held my attention throughout. This Holmes is still one of the smartest people in the room, depending on Mycroft’s presence, but he is more human than we have seen in the past. However, this humanity is not something forced; rather is unfolds very organically. But even while this *is* a book about Sherlock Holmes, there is no denying that it is also a story about the meeting of two great minds, two accomplished musicians and two people who dismiss the usual ideas of love and matrimony.
V. Smith
Excellent Holmes Pastiche 
Geri Scheaer has managed to replicate the feel and tone of the best Holmes stories in this tale from Holmes’ own POV through the mechanism of his long lost journals. There are really two closely connected cases presented for double the fun. Schaer also introduces us to Lady Beatrice, a worthy new companion for Holmes. Best of all this is a ripping good adventure.
old parson “old parson”
Quite a delightful story.
A Marvelous Outing 
For a first-time entrant in the realm of Holmes/Watson pastiches, this is a magnificent outing. The author has captured precisely the flavor of the original Conan Doyle stories and created a novel that contains all of the elements that make for a barn burner. One unique aspect of the tale is the point of view comes from Holmes not Watson. Although this approach is by no means unheard of, it is still off the beaten track and takes a little getting used to. The story is given from entries in Sherlock Holmes’s diary so it lacks the polish of a regular novel. Getting used to information being presented in this manner takes little time and the information is presented so well that shortly into the reading the reader will have no difficulties following the plot’s many twists and turns.One of many things done well in the story is keeping the reader reminded that evil, criminality and the acts associated with them are by no means limited to the lower classes living in squalor and despair. Horrible deeds occur in the top echelons of society and pedigrees, ranks or noble heritages have no bearings upon whether horrible crimes will or will not be committed. Additionally, the author, in addition to the usual surrounding cast e.g., Lestrade, Gregson, The Irregulars, Mrs Hudson and others, introduce the reader to new characters participating as either the good guys, the bad guys and those who rattle somewhere between.
 The reader is cautioned to save this book for a weekend preferably with nothing on the schedule, a cold night and a roaring fire. It takes no time to get engrossed and this certainly is not the type of book you can pick up at odd intervals but is one that will keep you up late at night. Although this is the author’s first foray into the Holmes/Watson realm she has created a total winner and I anxiously await her next offerings. Ms Shear, note the plural.
Amazon Customer
 My Biased Judgement: You Will Love This Book!
If there was an award for best new Sherlock Holmes character, I would give it to Lady Beatrice, the heroine of Geri Schear’s delightful new pastiche A Biased Judgement. This is a fun, exciting Sherlock Holmes novel grounded in the historical events of 1897 – 1898. The story begins with a bang: Sherlock Holmes is attacked on the streets, a global conspiracy against the leaders and monarchs of the world is brewing, and a mysterious boy only known as Jack has disappeared. Who is this mysterious boy? What does he have to do with the events of the time period? What about the murdered body of a painter/ art forger?These questions and many more are answered over the course of a multi-year story. There are multiple murders as well as multiple mysteries and they all interconnect, which makes reviewing this book a bit difficult in that I am trying to make sure I give nothing away. I will say that the fan base of this book should be beyond that of Sherlock Holmes. Those who enjoy a good Agatha Christie cozy style mystery, a spy thriller in the vein of Lacare, or even Victorian era historical fiction will love this book.Then there is the lovely Lady Beatrice who is an instantly likable and respectable character who is on a par with Irene Adler for great Holmes women. Beatrice causes Holmes one of his most difficult problems, and he really has to eliminate the impossible to finally solve it.This is an excellent debut novel, epic in scope yet focusing on the humanity behind the history. Ms. Schear lets you know that behind each body discovered is a sense of true loss felt by loved ones. The connections to the actual Holmes stories from the canon that occur during the covered time frame is clever and believable.
I’ll end by being blunt: Buy this book. You won’t regret it.
Reviews from Amazon UK:
Exciting and well written
Ye Olde Ed (Chelmsford, England) –
‘A Biased Judgement: The Sherlock Holmes Diaries, 1897’ starts with a vicious attack on Holmes, and the action builds towards an attack on the Queen herself and civilisation as we know it. Moriarty is dead, but someone has revived his gang – does the name Porlock sound familiar? My problem (apart from Americanisms like ‘Go visit’) is with an essential element of the story, indicated in the title. Sherlock Holmes falls in love and marries. Lady Beatrice is a strong, attractive character – but Sherlock Holmes in love? What ineffable twaddle! Nevertheless, the book is exciting and well written.
Geri Schear can certainly write, and tell a good story, but I personally will prefer to read a story by her where she is not trying to adopt another’s style. In common with another reviewer (but without wishing to be a plot-spoiler myself) I also was not convinced by the main twist of the plot, but enjoyed many of the sub-stories. There were occasional lapses into modern phrases/Americanisms but these did not detract from the book. I look forward to reading the publication I am sure she is capable of writing.
A great read!
By Bella
I have been a fan of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes adventures for a long time, and Geri Schear’s debut novel was recommended to me as capturing the spirit of those stories effectively. I was not disappointed that I acted on this recommendation. It is a well paced thriller which I found difficult to put down, and many familiar much loved characters appeared, as well as a fantastic new heroine in the shape of Lady Beatrice. This would make an excellent series, so I do hope we get more!
 A very good read,
I just loved this book it is odd how the author has captured the essence of sherlock homes but made it her own. and i do see Benedict the actor who plays him in this book. I thouroughly recommended to sherlock holmes enthusiasts. very enjoyable indeed.
 An intriguing mystery story.
Jane Ward – I love the way Geri Schear has caught the atmosphere and tone of the original Sherlock Holmes stories, but given them a cast of new fascinating characters. A thoroughly enjoyable read.
5.0 out of 5 stars A really good read, 15 Nov. 2014
By J
When I was younger I read all the Sherlock Holmes stories and since then have seen many adaptations on TV, so I was a bit doubtful that a recently written book would live up to my expectations. I was wrong to be concerned. This book has all the feel of the original stories, clues, excitement and baddies in a story which is new. Luckily I never read reviews before I’ve read a book, so the twist new the end was a real surprise for me.PS I really object to reviewers who give away surprise twists in their reviews, shame on you all.
 Captivating read.
Read this book whilst on holls. I am not usually a Sherlock reader tbough love the TV series. But I could not put it down! It was captivating and really descriptive. Really took me into their world and time.
I look forward to a second novel!

Author’s page on Amazon: MX Publishing:


About Geri Schear

Geri Schear is an award-winning novelist, author of three Sherlock Holmes and Lady Beatrice books published by MX Publishing. Her short stories have appeared in a number of journals. For further information, see her page at Amazon:
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