And… It’s a Lift-Off!


Dublin Fest 14

If you ever get a chance to attend a literary event, do so. There are great things to be found there, not least within your own psyche.

You’ll meet people who speak the same language—yes, books—as you do; you’ll make contacts in the publishing industry; you’ll have a real life demonstration of what success looks like, and you’ll support your colleagues. What is even more to the point, the environment will seep through your pores, invade your bloodstream, and do tingly things to your brain. In a nutshell: you’ll feel like a writer.

Of course, I don’t need external stimulus in order to do my job. I tell myself.

I can put one word after the other and just keep going with nothing other than my writer’s passion to motivate me. All the same, you can’t beat having a conversation with others who are roughly where you are; who understand the voyage you’re on and who see you as you see yourself, as a writer.

I tell you all this because last Thursday I attended the launch of the Dublin Writers’ Festival at the Liquor Rooms. The place was packed and much merriment was to be had in identifying familiar faces. There were speeches, of course, of the blessedly brief variety, and a decent red wine and nibbles. More to the point, the place was full of people who worked in every aspect of the publishing industry. I met publishers and producers and other writers, some of whom I’d met before, others who were new to me. Most of the time I was content to sit and listen and watch. There were conversations about people I knew and the state of publishing in Ireland. And what a buzz filled that room. Rooms, I should say, for there were several. (Now I sound like Mr Collins describing the chimneys at Rosings.)

Those of you who live in Dublin or who can get there, do consider attending. Here’s the link to the programme: There really is something for everyone. See you there.


About Geri Schear

Geri Schear is an award-winning novelist, author of three Sherlock Holmes and Lady Beatrice books published by MX Publishing. Her short stories have appeared in a number of journals. For further information, see her page at Amazon:
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